Apps can be wonderful tools but as with anything some marketers can take advantage and make too much of a good thing of a tool. There is actually nothing wrong with a good app install ad, but now we often see these giant app install pop ups when we click on a mobile websites; and these prompt us to install that site’s app. The problem lies in that the ad blocks all other content, and typically the “X” to close the window is often too small to click.

So because of this irresponsible use of a few marketers, Google is now taking action. The search engine recently announced that it will begin to downrank websites that place these huge app popups on their website, and which offer difficulty in clicking off the advert.

Google has posted a mobile friendly test that tell you when to avoid this type of app install popup installation. As of November 1, sites with these ads that intentionally hide the site’s content will be penalized and lose their mobile-friendly status. Essentially, these website owners will see their site rank lower on the Google mobile search engine.
Not that this doesn’t mean that websites that use the standard or smaller app install banner will not be penalized.

The truth is that these gian app install interstitials are really becoming annoying. The thing of it is when you click on a mobile search result you want to see the content on the site, and not necessarily an ad for the site’s app.

What’s the solution?

Google is going to come out against those that make the app download popups too large and obtuse; those that force you to download the app before you can see web page content. This isn’t to say that app downloads are bad. To the contrary, these can be of great benefit to both the business owner and the consumer, so long as the app download doesn’t interfere with the mobile website’s access.

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