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High Trust Flow Backlinks: How To Gain Yours Through Blogger Outreach

When it comes to improving your overall website rankings with Google, you may start to implement different SEO strategies in order to gain momentum. However one method that has helped many websites in the past is high Trust Flow link building. High Trust Flow link building, is similar to regular link building, only it focuses […]

Sara | 19 Apr 2018
Blog guest post success

Guest Blogging Success: Key Tips to Successful Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is an excellent way to position yourself as an expert in your industry. You can get more exposure through guest posts and attract more customers, as well. While it can be difficult to break into guest blogging, your chances of success are much greater if you follow some tips. These tips will put […]

Aaron Gray | 23 Jan 2018
SEO guest post 101

Guest Posts 101: How to Know if a Guest Post Is Bad or Not

Publishing submissions from guest bloggers isn’t just a way to improve your content marketing strategy. It also adds more credibility to your blog. Almost 63 percent of respondents stated that blogs with multiple authors have more credibility, according to a survey conducted by Social Marketing Writing.

Aaron Gray | 22 Jan 2018
Blog will guest post work in 2018

Guest Blogging: Does it Work in 2018?

Ever since Google’s Matt Cutts claimed, “Stick a fork in it: guest blogging is done,” marketers have wondered if they should stop using it as a way to build trust and drive traffic to their websites. That was four years ago, and yet, marketers still go back to this comment as a way to abandon […]

Aaron Gray | 22 Jan 2018
Blog quality link building

Quality Link Building That Works In 2018

Internet marketing has changed quite a bit in recent years, but nothing has changed quite as much as link building. Link exchanges and spamming have been replaced with white-hat strategies that provide more benefits. The changes make it difficult for marketers to know what works and what doesn’t. Check out five strategies that still work […]

Aaron Gray | 22 Jan 2018
Blog dofollow link building links

Dofollow Link vs. Nofollow Link: Why Both Can Still Help You

There’s a belief that websites only benefit from dofollow links. Dofollow link building are like votes that are passed on to search engines. These links let search engines know the website has its seal of approval, so the links actually help the linked website improve its domain authority score. Nofollow links block the credit, meaning […]

Aaron Gray | 12 Jan 2018
Blog Guest Posting

Guidelines And Guest Posting: Why It’s Important to Follow A Website’s Guidelines

You have an amazing idea for a guest blog post, and you’re ready to dive in.   You know it will be perfect for a specific blog, and you’re excited to finally get a chance to write for that blog. It ranks high on the domain authority scale, and people trust it. In fact, you’re […]

Aaron Gray | 10 Jan 2018
SEO Live streaming

Blogger Outreach Best Practices: How to Maximize ROI From Your Blogger Outreach Efforts

It’s no secret that everyone claims to be doing blogger outreach now – it’s difficult to think of a company or organization that doesn’t. After all, when used correctly, outreach can offer several great advantages to a company. However, most blogs I read about blogger outreach claim there’s a “perfect” way to do it.

Aaron Gray | 4 Jan 2018

Audience Segmentation and Healthcare: How To Find Your Ideal Client

The health care industry encompasses many different professions. With the many different professions in the health care industry, it’s no wonder there’s so many different clients that professionals aim to gain against their competition. If you’re struggling to market appropriately to your ideal audience when you’re working in the healthcare, then this guide will help to […]

Aaron Gray | 21 Aug 2017

Key Power Tips On Using Content To Drive Finance Clients Through The Sales Funnel

Running a business in the finance industry can be demanding and very rewarding at the same time. One major issues that many finance businesses face is managing to turn leads into ongoing customers. If you’re a business in the finance sector and you’re looking to gain more clients, then here are the key power tips on how […]

Aaron Gray | 17 Aug 2017
Business Tips banner image

Top 10 Marketing Ideas You Can Implement Today To Boost Your Dental Practice’s Returns

If you’re looking to attract new patients, or perhaps retain the ones you currently serve, a comprehensive marketing plan is not only helpful — but also in many ways necessary to help grow your dental practice. While a long term marketing strategy will help you sustain your progress, there are actually many things that you […]

Aaron Gray | 18 Jul 2017
Business Tips

Key Ways To Improve Your Dental Website And Content To Drive More People Through The Door

If you’re seeking to optimise your dental practice, one of the best ways to start is through improving your website. By consistently adding well-written and informative content to your website, you will be keeping potential readers interested — while also bringing in new website viewers. With an increase in website traffic your dental practice will […]

Aaron Gray | 18 Jul 2017

How to Turn Website Visitors into Paying Customers

So you’ve utilized other SEO strategies to increase traffic on your company website.  Next comes the trickier part, getting those website visitors to convert into paying customers.  This is perhaps one of the most difficult to achieve parts of running a business website.  However, there are a number of tips and tricks you can use to […]

Aaron Gray | 27 Feb 2017

Killer Tips On Becoming A Powerful Blogger That Generates A Grand Blog

Blogging is a great way to tell people about important topics that you may be interested in or have answers to. However, not everyone knows how to start or how to become a successful blogger that drives traffic to their website. If you’re hoping to become a professional blogger, this expert guide will give you […]

Aaron Gray | 20 Jan 2017

Are You Using These Two Hidden Secrets To Write Catchy Headlines?

Content surrounds us in many different forms. From videos, infographics to blogs and other articles, content is a great medium to communicate to people who are interested in the same subjects that you are. However, while you can write an amazing piece, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your content will be read. Did you know […]

Aaron Gray | 13 Jan 2017
Digital Marketing

How To Build A Powerful Digital Marketing Strategy That Drives Results

Digital marketing is essential to your overall success as a website or online business owner. Digital marketing can be attempted by anyone, however proper digital marketing that drives results can only be done by experts or those who have implemented a powerful digital marketing strategy. If you want to improve your marketing efforts and drive […]

Aaron Gray | 4 Jan 2017

Best Ways To Speed Up Your Website For A Lower Bounce Rate

Website speed is probably one of the most important aspect of your website. You generally only have a few seconds to catch your visitors attention before they move onto another website. If your website uses these vital seconds to load, it can really jeopardise your chances of gaining a visitor that stays on your website. […]

Aaron Gray | 22 Dec 2016
Business Tips

Powerful Marketing Tips To Help Your Start-Up Grow Faster

The business industry is a competitive industry. When running and owning your own company you need to make sure consumers view you as the better option over your competition. But how do you do this, you ask? The best way to improve your reputation is to market yourself to your audience across a wide range […]

Aaron Gray | 12 Dec 2016

Google Confirms Roll Out Of New Desktop User Interface

Google has confirmed that they’ve started rolling out the new desktop user interface design that is said to be much easier to use and has a much more appealing appearance. The new design will give desktop users a new appearance when searching for results which is similar to that of what mobile users see. What […]

Aaron Gray | 12 Dec 2016

Best Practices And Techniques Google AdWords Users Should Keep In Mind

Google AdWords is used by many businesses right across the world to boost lead generation. While a great way to bring in more leads, it can be expensive when creating your PPC ads. Because of this it’s important for you to use Google AdWords to your advantage in order to minimize costs while boosting your […]

Aaron Gray | 19 Sep 2016

Best Practices For Practical SEO Website Optimisation

Search engines are used daily by millions of people to find what they’re looking for. In order to be at the top of search engines websites need to be optimized accordingly to make them not only user friendly for your visitors but also provide visibility for search engine spiders or crawlers to categorize your website […]

Aaron Gray | 12 Sep 2016

Digital Marketing Trends Set To Make Impact In 2016

2016 is the year for new and upcoming digital marketing trends to dominate the scene. With more and more technology being developed, it’s no wonder digital marketing has enhanced itself greatly from the years gone by. From video marketing to mobile marketing, let’s take a look now at some of the digital marketing trends for […]

Aaron Gray | 5 Sep 2016

Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing: What Are The Benefits?

In todays business world there are two types of marketing, traditional and digital marketing. Both avenues can benefit a business greatly and provide them with the exposure they need to enhance their business overall. However, how do you know which ones offer more advantages to your business? This expert guide will give you the benefits […]

Aaron Gray | 29 Aug 2016

Critical SEO Mistakes That Ecommerce Businesses Are Still Making

In today’s world Ecommerce websites are a popular choice for brick and mortar businesses to really enhance their overall exposure to more customers around the world. When building an Ecommerce website there are so many things to consider, that it can be confusing. However, when you get down to the basics, one thing that you […]

Aaron Gray | 22 Aug 2016

Get A Better Understanding Of Your Website’s Performance With Google Mobile Testing Tool

Did you know that your website’s loading speed is one of the major contributors as to why your visitors may be leaving your website? It’s true! Loading speed has a larger impact than some may believe it does. It’s estimated that if your loading speed is 3 seconds or longer, your bounce rate will be […]

Aaron Gray | 17 Aug 2016

Best Web Design Practice To Use When Designing Your Company Website

For any business to make their mark in their industry, they need to create a powerful website to bring in the traffic, clients and customers they need to promote a good ROI. When creating a website, the design of it needs to be great, interesting, and attractive to your viewers. The problem is however, that […]

Aaron Gray | 15 Aug 2016

Best Techniques To Use To Build SEO-Friendly URL Structure

URLs are used daily to take people to different webpages and websites. URLs are an important part of any website creation, so it’s no wonder they need to be built correctly in order to gain the most out of them. One thing that many people don’t take into consideration when building their URL structures is […]

Aaron Gray | 8 Aug 2016

Best Social Media Marketing Strategies That Can Boost Your Reputation And Efforts

Social media has become a powerful marketing tool for many businesses to gain more customers and fans while increasing their overall reputation. With the ability to gain more exposure to any service, brand, or products, it’s no wonder many businesses and website owners are now creating powerful social media marketing strategies to use to harness […]

Aaron Gray | 18 Jul 2016

Top Mistakes You’re Making On Your PPC Marketing Campaign That You Need To Know Right Now

PPC campaigns can really bring power to your online marketing strategy by bringing in more conversions, visitors and overall business profits. The problems lie when businesses still make some of the most common mistakes when running their PPC marketing campaign. Find out what their mistakes are and how you can stop making them for better results overall.

Aaron Gray | 15 Jul 2016

How To Write Killer Content That Increases Conversions For Your Website

A great content marketing strategy can be a powerful asset to use when trying to generate the conversions you’re looking for. Find out how to write killer content which not only will bring in more conversions to your website, but also provide you with the exposure you need to gain a higher authority in your industry.

Aaron Gray | 11 Jul 2016

How To Boost Your Conversion Rate Implementing Heat Mapping Into Your Strategy

Heat mapping is an unsung hero when it comes to your conversion rate. Many people don’t realise how important heat mapping actually is until they see it for themselves. Find out how to boost your conversions and ROI by simply implementing heat mapping into your overall digital marketing strategy.

Aaron Gray | 8 Jul 2016

Best Ways To Use Google Suggest For Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most powerful things you can do to really enhance your overall SEO efforts. However, with an abundance of tools and keyword planners out there, many people tend to overlook one really easy and free keyword tool that can be used without having to spend countless hours rummaging through different tools. […]

Aaron Gray | 8 Jul 2016

An Extensive Guide To Competitive Research

The area of competitive research is generally overlooked by businesses and brands, or is generally taken to the most extreme levels. Unfortunately, when this occurs many brands miss the basic goals of competitive research that need to be researched. For any marketing strategy development, competitive research is one of the most important things you can […]

Aaron Gray | 5 Jul 2016

Content Marketing And the Sales Funnel: How Are They Really Related?

Content marketing is a powerful digital marketing strategy that shouldn’t be underestimated. In fact, content marketing is closely linked to the sales funnel, and by implementing a powerful content marketing strategy you have the ability to really push your visitors through the sales funnel until they become a buying customer. Find out more here.

Aaron Gray | 4 Jul 2016

Content SEO Techniques That Can Improve Your Website Ranking When Done Right

SEO is one of the most important processes when it comes to website rankings and a successful internet marketing campaign. If you’re website isn’t optimised correctly or at all, it can dramatically jeopardise your website’s ranking on popular search engines such as Google and Bing, leading to less visitors, sales, and ROI. In reality very […]

Aaron Gray | 1 Jul 2016

2 Top Website Design Principals That Can Increase Your Conversion Rate Almost Instantly

Designing a website is a big task. It requires some planning to drive in more traffic, conversions, and overall ROI. Did you know that website design can actually have an impact on your overall conversion rate? This is true. How you design your website through all the elements you place on it can determine whether […]

Aaron Gray | 27 Jun 2016

A Beginner’s Guide To PPC

Nope! PPC isn’t a drug and it isn’t the Acronym of a traditional company.  However, it is well known, at least in the digital marketing world. Paid per Click (PPC) advertising is the advertising system Google offers to all website owners. It gives websites the ability to get traffic from a first page listing on […]

Aaron Gray | 13 Mar 2016
Social Media Instagram photo sharing statistics

Social Marketers’ Guide To Different Languages Of Social Media

Success in social media marketing does not rely entirely on the quality of content or number of connections your business has. Though nailing the quality of content is paramount, social media marketers ought to embrace the need for designing specific content for each platform to meet the needs of the majority users of the platforms. […]

Aaron Gray | 1 Feb 2016

Google Promoting HTTPS

Get Better Indexing from Google with this Easy Way Before Google gets the best of you again, learn of a new change that could affect the way your website ranks. Well actually, if we are honest here, this is a change that Google has always considered important…but now considers a top priority. It is a […]

Aaron Gray | 2 Jan 2016

Social Media & Sales Funnel

By now you probably know most of the different facets of good SEO practices for Australia business use; and you know that the purpose of any of these practices is to get more traffic that converts into customers. But did you know that social media channels play such an important role in the conversion process. […]

Aaron Gray | 17 Nov 2015

Backlinking: What is it and why do you need it?

Backlinking is used by many businesses and website owners worldwide to gain more popularity and rankings from their website. So what is backlinking you ask? Find out all about what it is and why exactly you really need it when developing your overall digital marketing and content strategy. Find out more here.

Aaron Gray | 17 Nov 2015

Be Careful with App Download Popups on Mobile Sites

Apps can be wonderful tools but as with anything some marketers can take advantage and make too much of a good thing of a tool. There is actually nothing wrong with a good app install ad, but now we often see these giant app install pop ups when we click on a mobile websites; and […]

Aaron Gray | 17 Nov 2015
Google Maps

Bad Reviews! Is Venting Really Worth It?

Writing bad reviews about companies can really have a negative effect on their reputation. While you may feel that your voice needs to be heard, there are times when you need to sit back and ask yourself should you really write that terrible review? Find out more here.

Aaron Gray | 14 Oct 2015
Social Media

7 Tips to Make Your Social Media Campaigns Shoot to the Stars

Social media has become a power-house in today’s online marketing avenues. Find out more about the tips you can use to really push your online social media campaigns forward to really see the positive results you’re looking to achieve. No digital marketing campaign is complete without a powerful social media campaign.

Aaron Gray | 14 Oct 2015

Critical Elements for Business Website

When creating a business website, it’s crucial that you have all the elements necessary to make a powerful online marketing solution for your business. This article will explain the top critical elements that you should be implementing into the design of your website so you can generate more visibility to your readers and search engines.

Aaron Gray | 14 Oct 2015
Google Maps

What’s Up with the Google Map Reviews?

Google Map Reviews are used by businesses right across the world to bring people to their websites. Find out more about how Google Map Reviews can impact your businesses popularity and how people perceive you as a great business. Having a positive review on Google Map is better than many marketing strategies.

Aaron Gray | 1 Oct 2015

Big G is unhappy?

For businesses, spam calls can be frustrating because it wastes time and sometimes money. Finally, Google is taking action into their own hands against these robocallers. Find out more about how Google is fighting back against these scam and spam callers to better protect your business.

Aaron Gray | 21 Sep 2015

Why bother to update WordPress?

With the increase in updates associated with WordPress it’s got many people wondering whether they should bother updating their WordPress site. Are you in this same predicament? Find out more information on whether it’s really relevant to update your WordPress site or just leave it as is.

Aaron Gray | 18 Sep 2015

Where Do Your Phone Calls Come From: Do You Know?

Phone calls to your business is a crucial part to knowing whether your business is being found online. The only problem is that many people don’t know where the phone calls actually come from. Was it an ad, the website directly, or some review? Gain more control over your phone calls by knowing where they come from.

Aaron Gray | 11 Sep 2015

7 Fabulous Ways to Get Your Audience’s Attention: Content Marketing Done Right!

Content for the simple sake of content…just doesn’t work on the Internet anymore. Adding a few keywords to ultra-boring SEO writing is not the solution. Let’s face it! You wouldn’t read anything that has no value and is uninteresting…and neither will your customers and readers. Your copy needs to effortlessly engage the interest of your […]

Aaron Gray | 3 Sep 2015

Facebook Advertising: Don’t Sit on the Default Settings!

Facebook advertising is a great way to bring exposure to your business, products or services. Facebook is a powerful social media platform that can reach people worlds apart. Gain more inside knowledge into why you should use Facebook advertising but move past the default settings of your campaign. Find out more here…

Aaron Gray | 3 Sep 2015
Social Media

Twitter Followers: Where to Find Them?

Twitter is a powerful social media platform which can be used to gain more popularity for your business when used in the right manner. But where do you find the Twitter followers you need and that are relevant to your industry? There’s a simple answer to these questions…

Aaron Gray | 1 Sep 2015

Google Mobile Update: Get Over It Now!

Google mobile algorithm updates come along from time to time which can affect the way your mobile marketing efforts are done. We can help you turn this negative algorithm update into something that is profitable and positive so you can get back on course. Find out more in this article.

Aaron Gray | 29 Aug 2015
Social Media

Which Social Media Platform Works Best for Business?

Social media platforms come in the hundreds, However, you’ll find there are more popular ones than others. The best way to really expose your business on social media is by choosing the right social media platform. So which one works for you? Find out more here.

Aaron Gray | 29 Aug 2015

Local SEO Efforts are Still Crucial to your Online Marketing Efforts

When it comes to SEO efforts, all businesses want to be the major player. Unfortunately, they tend to forget about the local side of a great SEO strategy. Find out why it’s crucial for you to incorporate local SEO efforts into your online marketing plan to gain more conversions and sales.

Aaron Gray | 16 Aug 2015

Hurry! Get that response to the customer in time. It is Crucial to Your ROI

Ask any business owner about what really matters to them and they will tell you; “more customers, more business, more revenue.” We all want to win at business, do things no one else wants to do; or no one else is able to do. But how do we do it? Sometimes it all starts will […]

Aaron Gray | 16 Aug 2015
Google Maps

No More Free Google Listings: At Least Not through Google Maps

Google Maps has always been a trusted free listing place to list your business. Unfortunately, these days it’s not so free anymore. With the changes to Google listings it’s got many businesses talking. Find out more about Google Listings with Google Maps.

Aaron Gray | 16 Aug 2015