Link Building Isn’t Dead! Don’t Underestimate The Power Of The Link

Link building is dead. That’s what we hear all the time. We’re so used to hearing comments like:

“Link building doesn’t work anymore...”
“You can’t do link building without going into black hat world...”
“Link building doesn’t really affect your ranking anyway, why bother?…”

Those who say this however, are obviously people who haven’t done it correctly. No matter what you hear and the common negative assumption many people make about link building, it’s still here and is still very much alive.

The power of the link shouldn’t be underestimated. We know you may have tried and been burnt before with shifty link building practices. We get it, we’ve been there too. However after years of analysis, we’ve found the best three ways of building credible backlinks with quality publishers…. and yes they’re all White Hat techniques and are Google approved.

What we’ve found over the years is that the following types of link building are the best for gaining good quality and powerful links. The force is definitely strong with these link building practices:

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Wide Connections

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Transparency & Control

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Guest Posts

Guest Posting is one of the most common ways of creating great backlinks. Thought leaders, bloggers, and anyone who wants to express their thoughts or have something informative to say will love the Guest Post link building method. On the flip side of the coin, some website owners will also love to gain access and publish expert information from leaders in their industry, and in return giving you a link back to your website. Tada link building success!

Guest Posting

So, Exactly What Is Guest Posting?

Guest posting is the simple process of writing an article for a website and in return gaining a backlink back to your website or blog for SEO purposes. Generally with guest posting you’ll be able to gain a backlink in the author bio, however, depending on the website you’re trying to write for, and how strict they are on their guidelines, they may allow links in the content instead. (You just have to ask!)

Seo Hacker

Here are the main Pros and Cons of Guest Posts

Pros Cons
Great option for SEO link building Can be time consuming over time
Increases brand recognition and reputation Can backfire on you if not done right
Introduces you to a wider audience
Increases traffic to your website

For more information about guest posts and why they might be for you - click here.

Blogger Outreach

Blogger Outreach is a great way to gain backlinks to your website. While anyone can do blogger outreach, it’s most beneficial for larger agencies who are in need of backlinks for their clients. Why you may ask? The answer is simple, there’s many different outreach tools today that can be used to help complete the process in bulk, and let’s face it if you’re an agency with lots of clients under you, you don’t want to be sending one email at a time.

Blogger Outreach

What Is Blogger Outreach Really?

Blogger outreach is the simple process of working with bloggers to create content which promotes a business, brand, service or product. Blogger outreach is used by many people when they want to gain more recognition in their industry. It’s also a good method of gaining backlinks for link building, referral traffic and also potential customers for more profits.

Buzz Stream

Here are the main Pros and Cons of Blogger Outreach

Pros Cons
Gain access to high end influencers Hard to convince bloggers to showcase your articles
Gain higher referral traffic Can be time consuming over time
Bloggers are trusted by their followers and community
Help you go viral
Introduce you to a new market
Cost effective over a long period of time

For more information about blogger outreach and why it might be for you - click here.

Sponsored Content

Ah, sponsored content. This content is controversial for many people. Some people like their content to feature the words ‘Sponsored By’ while others don’t. If you don’t want this added then it’s best to pick one of the other two methods of link building. Sponsored content is great if you’re hoping for a review or want to have your content showcased on behalf of your brand. It’s a great link building type which many people utilise around the world.

Sponsored Content

Ok, What Is Sponsored Content?

Sponsored content is content such as blogs which feature the phrases:

  • Sponsored by...
  • Brought to you by...

This type of content isn’t produced or written by the brand but more on behalf of the brand by the blogger or an agency working for them to gain backlinks through their link building campaigns. This content is paid content to the blogger or website in order to showcase a review, backlink, or anything else related to the company or business.

Sponsored Text

Here are the main Pros and Cons of Sponsored Posts

Pros Cons
Increase in referral traffic may mean more sales Can be costly over time if you don’t have a big budget
Articles can be more relevant to your brand Can be time consuming over time
Consumers trust their influencer over ads
Great for brands who want to write reviews

For more information about blogger outreach and why it might be for you - click here.

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