Transparent, Fair & Keeps You in Control

Two components to pricing, our fee and the publisher’s fee.
Here’s the breakdown.

The NO BS Flat Rate

Our $79 per post broker fee includes:


Full Access

Full access to our Digital Publisher Marketplace (1000s of online publishers)


Unique Article

750 word unique article with stock photo


Guaranteed Link

Guaranteed do follow link with chosen anchors to your website


Live link

Live link for a minimum of 6 months guaranteed.


Ball Park Prices

Metrics Broker Fee Publishing Fee Total Cost
1000+ traffic
$79 $110 $105 €70 £60
  • Find and present relevant publishers that meet your requirements.
  • 750 words of unique content with stock images.
  • Guaranteed dofollow link with chosen anchors to your website.
$30-$65$40-$70$40-$70€26-€50£23-£40 $109-$144$150$145€96£83
2000+ traffic
$55-$110$70-$90$70-$90€50-€80£40-£70 $129-$189$175$170€120£100
5000+ traffic
$90-$150$120-$160$120-$160€80-€105£70-£90 $169-$229$225$220€150£130

Full Transparency & Legitimacy For SEOs

With NO BS, what you see is what you get.

Our $79 fee includes reaching out to the top publishers in your niche. Once they accept the proposal, we write an original, relevant 750 word content piece with a stock photo included. The content includes a do follow link embedded with anchor text you choose. The link is guaranteed live for a minimum of 6 months, but most links stay live for years. Our broker fee remains constant at $79, regardless of the publisher’s fee.

We act as a conduit that connects businesses with digital publishers so there’s transparency, control and fairness for both sides. Publishers expect fair compensation in exchange for the services they provide. The publisher sets their own fee based on site metrics, niche and audience. We have no control over the publisher fee, and we never mark up their rate.

We never publish anything without your approval. You pick the online publishers you want to link to. We don’t churn out links to low domain sites which can actually hurt rankings. With NO BS, you connect only to top publishers that meet your standards.

Pick the exact number of links you want to build. The publisher fee will be shared with you beforehand, so spending remains under your control at all times.

At NO BS we don’t charge an access or membership fee. You only pay for content and links that are published.

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