Okay, so what is Guest Posting?

Whether you’re an everyday blogger or brand looking to gain exposure for your website, guest posting may be the right link building method for you.

Guest posting is the overall process of writing a blog post or article, getting it published on a website, and gaining a link back to your website. Guest posting works to help boost your SEO efforts and you can gain a backlink in the author bio and/or the content itself depending on the publishers requirements.

Let’s take an in depth look at why many people opt to try it.

What Are The Pros and Cons Of Guest Posting

In the SEO and digital marketing world, guest posting is a big contributor to link building as a whole. There’s a lot of advantages of guest posting, but there’s also some disadvantages as well. Let’s take a closer look at what the pros and cons are:

Pros & Cons

What Are The Pros and Cons Of Guest Posting?

Pros Of Guest Posting

Brand Recognition

A Good Way To Build Links For SEO

Guest posting is generally used for link building because of its effectiveness. When building links, people generally try to gain follow links as these give more link juice. The more link juice you can score naturally over time, the higher your website will rank in search engine results. The higher you rank, the more people will see you!

Build Links

Brand Recognition and Reputation

The next thing guest posting can offer is a boost in brand recognition and reputation. How? When writing quality content that’s informational, you have a higher chance of being seen as a leader in your industry. The more help you are in solving your readers problems, the more people will come to you long term. Isn’t that what you want? This can help not only to drive more traffic to your website, but will also help promote your brand as a good source of information.

Gets Your Brand In Front Of A Wider Audience

Guest posts have the ability to also showcase your brand or website in front of a wider audience - ‘cue applause’. By adding your link and/or bio, you’ll be able to show your brand name to more potential customers and client’s long term. This can lead to more sales and profit over time.


Brings More Traffic To Your Website

Guest posts have the ability to bring more traffic to your website through your backlinks. This can also help improve your SEO and can also help you turn referral traffic into long term customers. If you think about it, it’s a win/win effect.

Traffic Monitor

Cons Of Guest Posting

Time Consuming

Don’t worry we’ve all experienced this before. When guest posting by yourself, it can be very time consuming. We know, we’ve been there. Guest posts involve the writing, editing, and overall submission of the blog, and revisions if needed. This can take anywhere between two to five hours, or even days, depending on what you’re writing about and the website you’re trying to publish a guest post on. It’s not a shocker that some high end authority sites want multiple revisions well before publishing, with some even rejecting the content in the end. While working on one or two can be easy, when you start to guest post on many different sites, this is where it can start to be time consuming for you.

It Could Backfire On You

One reason why guest posts may backfire on you is when you guest post on the wrong websites. Yes, this is actually a thing. What this means is you guest post on sites which have low metrics, are link farms or which are already spammed. Linking to sites such as this can cause your backlink to be affected negatively which can pull down your overall website ranking in Google’s eyes. To find out whether a site is of decent metrics you should consider Trust Flow, Domain Authority, Traffic, Domain Rating, and Citation Flow. This can be done via sites like Moz.com or Ahrefs.com. Here’s an example of a good site vs a bad site:

Good Website

Good Website

Bad Website

Bad Website

What Does Google Think Of Guest Posts?

A few years back Google issued a warning (don’t they always) about guest posting on other people’s websites to gain and build inbound links. The warning was issued due to people going overboard and spamming websites to a high degree. Today the same still applies but more and more people are spamming less due to being burnt in the past. Today Google doesn’t frown upon guest posts when done correctly. The question is though, how do you make the overseer happy? Here’s how:

  • Avoid generating a large volume of content and getting it published all at once.
  • Avoid stuffing your guest post with keywords and links. Google approves content better when it’s more natural.
  • Avoid writing content with poor spelling and other grammar issues which can be hard to read and understand.
  • Avoid copying and pasting content which may be flagged as duplicated.

Google is extremely picky, and they should be, when it comes to rating sites. With it’s spiders crawling thousands of websites daily, you need to be sure you stand out when writing your guest posts.

Guest Posting Right Choice
Google Rules

Is Guest Posting The Right Choice For You?

Guest posting is right for you if you say yes to any of the following:

  • You’re able to write unique, relevant, informative articles which abide by a website’s guidelines.
  • You have time to write and submit at least one guest post per week to start for the best effect.
  • You’re backlinking to a good, respectable site such as a business or information website.
  • You’re able to find good websites with decent metrics to gain publishing rights.
  • You understand the complexity of how Google ranks using backlinks from good and bad websites.

Guest posting isn’t right for everyone, but it can be valuable if you’re a good candidate when using it.

Guest Posting

Is Guest Posting A Good Option For
Your Campaign?


Who Uses Guest Posting?

Guest posting can be used by a number of people which include, but isn’t limited to:

  • Website owners who want to gain backlinks to their sites on other websites.
  • Business owners who are looking to boost their business in search engine page results.
  • Affiliates wanting to promote products.

These are just some of the main people who might benefit using guest posts.

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