Our Process

Activating Account

The first step to working with us is to activate your account. To activate an account you’ll need to buy your first guest post units. You do this for each project you have. One guest post unit = One Live Link. We made sure account activation is quick, easy and simple for all our clients. If you need help or you’re unsure about anything we’re more than happy to help you setup your account.

Approving Placement Website 

At No BS we allow you to approve your website placements once you’ve made your order. After your initial order you’ll then need to wait up to 24 hours for our team to find and supply you with your first batch of websites to review and approve. Upon approval of a website, you’ll be prompted to select your target URL and anchor. During this process you’ll have the option to do one or two different URLs and anchors per each placement.

Getting Live Placement

After you approve a website and supply your target URL and anchor. We then work through the 5 stages to get your link live. These stages are:

  1. Topic Approval – Based off what your target keyword is (if you choose one) we then create interesting topics and pitch them to websites to see which ones they like the most.
  2. Content Writing – After the topic is approved our team then works on writing powerful content that the website will love and publish.
  3. Editing Content – Once written it goes through our editors to make sure the content is up to scratch and is of the best standards possible.
  4. Content Personalisation – This is where any bios, images or other special requirements are added to the articles to finish them off.
  5. Live Link – Once the article is sent to the website we then wait for the live link to be sent back. It’s that easy.


Link Building

DA 20+ $80

DA30+ $200

DA40+ $350


Link Building

$99 Per Link
Plus a fair rate to Website

Contextual Links
Without The BS

Approve Websites, $99 + Optional Website Fees Per Link, Free
Agency Dashboard. Just do it!