Google has said that responsive design is a deciding factor when it comes to better search engine ranking. But there are a number of ways to cater to the mobile user, so does responsive design really make that much of a difference over other types of mobile website design methods. even so we have decided to explore the concept to see if there is any truth to the statement.

Let´s take a look at the stats. According to Smart Insights there are currently 1.800 million mobile users that surf the Internet. This makes mobile a big part of the future of digital marketing for businesses from Australia and the world. In fact, some analysts now say that the true success of Google lies in its presentation of a good mobile framework.

So what makes a good mobile framework and how do you join the priveledged companies that work with Google in this area?

When it comes to designing a website for the Australian mobile industry you only have three choices; that of going responsive, adaptive or traditional.

Which is better?

Well, let´s first identify the differences in the three:

Responsive – This uses a fluid proportion based design that is flexible. In other words, the design changes to fit the proportion of the screen. The site can shrink or grow according to the device it is used on.

Adaptive – This is also known as dynamic serving, and uses the same URL structure on all devices but detects the device and generates a different version of HTML for each device.

Separate Mobile Site – This is also known as mDot and delivers a separate HTML on a separate URL for the mobile industry. Today, about 54% of all large retailers use this method of configuration.

Google offers its best recommendation when it comes to each method, but essentially the experts here recommend using responsive web design as a ranking factor, because this design method saves Google resources and improves the user experience, and helps designers avoid SEO mistakes such as bad redirects or broken links.

If Pressed, Google Prefers Responsive Design

Responsive design is the recommended design method because it helps reduce duplicate and low-quality content. Responsive web-design techniques help adjust the size of the user’s device settings without needing the same content in two or more places.

Does Responsive Help a Link Building Agency in SEO Efforts?

Recent studies conducted by suggest that digital marketing experts in Australia feel that responsive design correlates significantly to SEO ranking success.

There are Other Influencers

Although Google when pressed suggests that responsive design is the better option, the other methods of working with mobile websites can also work well. Google also says that there are other more significant influencers to the ranking factor, other than the type of mobile design used. This includes, slow loading pages, high bounce rates, and poor content.

Bottom Line

Responsive configuration tends to serve mobile and tablet users in a much friendlier way. However, on the negative side these seldom vary in the content delivered and may not properly highlight certain features on the mobile version; although we can also say this also depends on the design used to create the mobile friendly online presence.

Whichever method you use, the point is that you use some type of mobile friendly design to serve your mobile consumer and to help rank your website more effectively in the search engines.

If mobile functionality is a concern, get in touch with us at Studio 56. We can help create that functionality you need at an affordable price.

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