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Aaron Gray
August 20 , 2018
Google Mobile First 1

Google constantly has algorithm updates and the latest mobile-friendly update is old school –or is it? For some people, the algorithm is still a constant memory, as the negative effects still remain and the damage is very real.

What happened?

There were websites that had mobile traffic but no strategy, here they were chugging along nicely. By chance or design, who knows? The point is something was working then all of a sudden those that had no mobile strategy started suffering the consequences. They lost their placement and everything was off. Some of these websites are still suffering.

If you are still suffering from the results of this Google algorithm then we can help you make changes that can get you back to ranking well for your mobile audience.

Is This Something that Any Business Can Implement?

“I’m too small for this to make a difference,” you might think, and I’m here to say that in this case your smallness works to your advantage. Because you generally have fewer web pages it will be easier to update the entire website and fix.

As a small business you also have another distinct advantage – you have the agility to make changes quickly and that is much easier for you than it is for a large company.

Small businesses can, with the help of SEO experts like those a Studio 56, make changes that quickly help their mobile search engine ranking without having to go through so many channels as opposed to a corporate enterprise.

So if you are a small to mid-sized business you can make some very big changes when it comes to your website ranking and this means an incredible boost in revenue for you.

The Benefits of WordPress

It all works through WordPress, the most popular CMS in the world. This type of content management system can help make your website mobile Google friendly. Best of all, it may only be a very simple change that makes all the difference in the world. Contact us at Studio 56 and we will show you how we can help you make that change.

Another Quick Fix

Another quick fix might be to implement diagnostics. You always want to know what’s going on with your traffic and the best way of doing that is by implementing diagnostics on your website. This helps you determine the type of content you should be adding, the pages that are the most visited and serves as a guide for pages and content you create for your website.

Compare your Mobile and Desktop Traffic

A very helpful metric to keep your eye on is the percentage of mobile users that view your site. Google analytics tracks this data for you, and to see the stats all you have to do is head over to the mobile overview tab. This chart gives you percentage breakdown of the mobile versus the desktop users.

When analyzing your website, you don’t only want to look at the entire website data, but more importantly, you want to analyze each individual page, as this gives you a more accurate view of your mobile impact.

This is because the mobile friendly update of 2015 affected individual pages more than the website as a whole. That’s why it’s important for you to analyze individual pages with Google’s mobile friendly test tool and the Google search console, formerly known as webmaster tools. Just log into the search console and click on search traffic, then mobile usability. This allows you to identify the pages with errors so you can fix them.

The Repairs

fixing the pages will differ for each page. For example, on a few pages all you will need to do is fix mobile usability issues, which may be just a few simple tweaks to the CMS. However if there is the sitewide problem, you may require a full redesign.

Bottom Line

To put it simply, the mobile friendly update is actually the easiest one to recover from. Google lets you know which pages actually need work and why they were affected. When it comes to the actual repair, we at studio 56 can help you find a solution without too much of a problem. In conclusion the solution lies in paying attention to your analytics, especially because the website is like a living entity which quickly changes can affect Google ranking from one day to the next.

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