5 Critical Elements that Spell Success for a Business Website

You’ve got your website up and running – and that’s a great start, but your site needs more than that to get customers to see it. IT needs to be visible on the search engines and to your readers. So ask yourself this, “Does my website have all of the elements of business site needs in order to succeed? Is there anything missing that my visitors might need?”

Without much experience, it’s hard to know if you have everything you need on your website – and it’s even harder to continually update and improve your site. At Studio 56, we pride ourselves on offering the one-stop option for everything your website needs to be successful. And because we think these are such critical elements, we’ve decided to share it with our readers. Here are our top five elements that your website should have to increase sales throughout Australia or the world.

1. Smooth E-Commerce Options

Now more than ever, many sales are conducted exclusively online. People just seem to be less interested in going to a physical store and prefer to purchase from an online site, as this option offers more convenience. You can capitalize on this trend by making it as pleasant and is easy to buy products from your online website for your customers.

2. Social Media Outreach Services

Be sure to integrate social media on your website. You need to make it easy for your readers to share your content. Make social media buttons easy to find on your website. This can help new people discover your business.

3. Offer Fresh Written Content

Just because you wrote content four years ago for your website doesn’t mean that this is the right content for your website now. Every website needs high quality written content that is fresh and up-to-date, useful and easy to find.

Use your blog to regularly update your site with new and engaging content as this will boost your SEO rankings and get new traffic to the site. It will also improve the likelihood of your consumers share your content.

4. Feedback

Reviews and feedback are essential when it comes to online marketing. These can be elements that are a deciding factor in whether a consumer will buy from you or not. Surveys now show that 85% of consumers go to research a product before they decide to buy, whether that business has an online presence or not. Use review sites like yelp, Amazon and Facebook to get your customers to offer you positive reviews.

5. Keep it Beautiful

Yes! We do mention and emphasize the content is critical to the success of your business website, but so is beauty. You can’t have one without the other. Beautiful sites catch the user’s eyes and make the experience of exploring your website that much more fun.

So there it is the 5 elements that are so important to your business website, and without them, well your website may just never get anywhere, and may mean you’ve wasted your money.

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