Search engines are used daily by millions of people to find what they’re looking for. In order to be at the top of search engines websites need to be optimized accordingly to make them not only user friendly for your visitors but also provide visibility for search engine spiders or crawlers to categorize your website accordingly. For newbies who’ve just started up their first website, website optimization is one of the key areas which you will need to focus on to really improve your marketing efforts and ranking position. Generally, you can hire a SEO services company in Geelong for all your SEO services for startups and small businesses. However, if you want to try it yourself, this guide will give you the best ways to optimise your website for popular search engines.

SEO Introduction Tips For Website Optimisation

Strategic Keyword Choice

Keywords are important for use in the content of your website to help boost your website rankings. Without completing proper keyword research your website won’t perform as well as it could do, thus leading to lower website visitors, visibility and conversions. So how do you complete your keyword research to maximize your advantage against your competitors? Here are a few tips on how you can do this:

  • Avoid using generic or vague keywords such as camera, food, fish etc.
  • Use broad match or long tail keywords instead such as Cannon camera, organic dog food, or blue Siamese fighting fish. These types of keywords will have more direct visitor hits than generic keywords. This means you’ll have a higher chance of scoring customers and conversions for these keywords for better ROI.
  • Use keywords that are relevant to your website or web page. If your website is about Siamese cats, look into keywords which feature the words ‘Siamese cat’. This will help Google rank your website higher for the keywords you’ve chosen and will allow for visitors to find you easier.
  • Use keyword tools such as Keyword Discovery, Google Keyword Planner, and SEMrush to help plan your research better. The more keyword options that are available to you, the more you can optimise your website via your SEO marketing efforts.

Optimize Your Website’s Content

After completing your keyword research, you then need to work on your content optimisation. Optimising the content on your website will improve your rankingsContent and SEO
and visibility when your specific keywords are used. When optimising and creating your website’s content for SEO purposes, you should consider the following:

  • Avoid keyword stuffing when your keyword research has been complete. Keywords should be use within the content every 100 to 200 words. You don’t need to use them every second sentence.
  • When written, content should be high quality. The higher the content quality the better it is for your SEO efforts. Content should be interesting, informative, and engaging for your readers. It should answer a question they’ve been asking.
  • Write content that’s between 1000-1500 words for the best results. It’s not too long for readers to get tired or bored but it’s not too short either to leave important information out.
  • Optimise your meta details. The meta details are the title and description you see in search engine page results after searching for something. This meta title and description should have your relevant keyword in it and should read clearly saying what the website or page is about. Meta titles generally have a 50 to 60-character limit while the meta description has a 155 to 160-character limit. Any longer than this and it won’t be seen in search engine results.
  • Add high quality images to your content to break up the text. Images should be high quality and free to use. When uploading through sites such as WordPress, you should place the keyword in the Alt Text box when your image is click on.
  • Don’t just produce content to have more on your website. Quality content is better for SEO efforts than quantity.
  • Incorporate link building efforts within your content to help build authority on your website. Your content should be linked to high authority sites with a high DA. You can check the Domain Authority (DA) of a website through SEO Review Tools. The higher the DA the better it is for linking purposes. Only add a max of 3 links to your text. Too many links will seem as if you’re overcrowding your content.

Optimize Your Website’s Usability

To help improve your SEO efforts you also need to create a great user experience. In order to do this, you will need to complete a few things and these include:User Experience

  • Checking your navigation points to make sure they’re easy to use. If you can’t find something you’re searching for in a few minutes your website navigation needs attention. Navigation should be easy to find and should only go 3 tiers deep. Too many tiers can cause frustration for your visitors, instead have the main category, sub category, and product or service if possible.
  • Check your website’s loading speed. Slow loading speeds will cause visitor numbers to drop. This in turn will cause problems with your website ranking. To enhance your website’s loading speed you can: minimize videos, remove any broken links, change to a different hosting plan, remove non-essential pages, and limit the animations on a web-page to name a few. All these things can help to speed up your website so your visitors have a better user experience. A SEO services company in Geelong can help you with this area.
  • Place the search box in an easy to find place. Search boxes are used more than you think to find items, so it’s important its clearly visible to help visitors find what they’re looking for fast.
  • Make your website mobile friendly. With more people using mobile phones to search the internet, it’s important to make your website mobile friendly to improve your SEO efforts. Mobile friendly website adjusts to the screen size of your user. Without making your website mobile friendly, your mobile visitors will abandon their search. This is because your website will be desktop size on the phone screen.
  • Page layout is also important. The page layout shouldn’t be over crowded. It should have a nice blend of white space, content, images, and navigation points. To help break up content use bullet points and paragraphing.


When it comes to optimizing your website for SEO, these are just some of the major things you can do to help improve your marketing efforts. If you don’t feel comfortable about making these changes, why not hire a SEO services company in Geelong for all your SEO needs. So have you missed any of these crucial tips?

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