At No BS we want our publishers to succeed as much as we do. Because of this, here is a pricing guide that may be helpful to you when trying to work out how much to charge for publishing content on your website.

This guide is based off what our clients are currently paying now. You’re more than welcome to charge more per post, however please understand the higher you charge the less likely our client’s will choose your website.

DATFDROrganic monthly website trafficFee range per post
10+0-1010+Under 500$0-$20
15+10+15+Under 1,000$10-$50
20+15+20+1,000 – 3,999$30-$60
20+15+20+4,000 – 9,999$40-$100
30+20+30+10,000 – 99,999$80-$150
35+20+35+100,000 – 499,999$130 – $300
40+25+40+500,000 +$800 – $15,000

If you’d like more information about our pricing guide, please feel free to contact us.