How it Works

How It Works

At No BS we want to make our working relationship with Publishers a smooth one.

Here’s a guide to our process and how it works.


Intake Form

If you’re a new publisher and you’d like us to review your site to see whether it’s suitable to add to our database, you’re more than welcome to submit your information through the intake form here.

Once submitted, your website will be reviewed by our Quality Control team to see whether it fits the criteria we’re looking for.

  • Accepted: If you’re accepted your website will be added into our database and given to clients to review. We will also inform you about the status of approval.
  • Rejected: If your website didn’t pass our Quality Control team, we will inform you that your site has been rejected.

Please understand we don’t work with PBN websites. If you have a PBN, it will be rejected by our Quality Control team.


Offer Your Website To Clients

After you’ve been accepted to join our database, we’ll then start to offer your website to our clients who fit within the same niche and who are looking for key metrics in relation to your website.

If a client is interested in your website and the fee you charge, they’ll approve your site and it will be added into the client order.


Topic Approval and Writing

After our team has created a topic for the client order, we’ll then send the following information for approval:

  • Topic Title
  • URL
  • Anchor

Please let us know at this stage if you don’t like anything so we can check with the client if the changes are suitable.

Once we get approval from you, our team will set to work on writing, editing and sending you the content to review.


Live Link and Payment

After sending you the content we’ll then wait for your feedback on whether you liked the article or require revisions.

If you like the article, you can publish it and send us the live link and Paypal invoice to pay. We’ll pay you for the live link within 24-48 hours, (not including weekends).

It’s that simple.

Contact us today if you need more information on joining our publisher database.

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