If you’re new to SEO Metrics and what they actually mean, you’ve come to the right place. Below is a brief explanation of SEO metrics that people look for when choosing sites to publish on.

SEO Metrics Explained

Trust Flow (TF)

Trust flow is a metric from Majestic which is used to determine how trustworthy a site is based on quality. Quality of a site is essential. The higher the trust flow is, the more your site is seen as an authority against your competition. Trust flow and citation flow work together.

Citation Flow (CF)

Citation Flow is a metric from Majestic which relates to links and their popularity without consideration to the quality of the links. Sites which have many links may have a high citation flow but that doesn’t mean the site will have a high trust flow. Ideally, you should aim at having an almost even trust flow to citation flow ratio.

Domain Authority (DA)

Domain Authority is a search engine score developed by Moz.com that helps in predicting the authority a website has in search results. The higher the DA rating is out of 100, the more power the website holds, thus it ranks higher in search engine page results. Domain Authority is calculated by different factors including the number of total links and root domains which are linking to your site.

Domain Rating (DR)

Domain Rating is the rating which shows the target website’s backlink profile strength on a scale of 0-100. The higher the DR rating is, the better it is. The purpose of DR rating is to assess the popularity of links within a website. Sites with a higher DR rating are more valuable than those with a lower rating.

Referring Domains (RD)

Referring domains is the number of referring domains which are pointing back to your website. These can help to naturally send website visitors to your site which can help your overall rankings.

Traffic (TR)

Traffic refers to the amount of organic traffic that your website has per month. The higher the number of traffic you have the better as this means your site is found naturally by online searchers.

These metrics are an important factor for people who look for sites to publish guest posts on. The higher your metrics are, the more appealing it is.

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