NO-BS Marketplace Acquires Pen Warriors

We have some exciting news that will directly impact the way we work together.

Pen Warriors has recently been acquired by NO-BS Marketplace and everyone within their team and all of their partners are being invited to merge and work with the friendly team at NO-BS.

Who Are We?

NO-BS is a global business which connects clients with publishers just like you. We have a terrific team which helps publishers monetise their websites and you’ll soon be able to manage all your incoming requests within our platform, along with having the opportunity to promote your current advertising inventory to our growing client base.

Whilst this is a big moment and a huge change, the opportunity for all publishers to be part of this hugely successful marketplace is incredible. We’ll have the resources available to offer better support, more sales opportunities and tap into a new movement.

How Does This Affect You?

While this may change many things, it won’t affect the current working relationship that’s in place. Everything is still operational as normal. Your manager from Pen Warriors will be moving across to continue working with you on behalf of NO-BS Marketplace.

Over the coming months, we’ll be helping you transition into the platform and we’ll keep you updated as we roll out new tools and resources to better support you.


If you have any questions please let your account manager know or contact us at [email protected]