What is Sponsored Content, anyway?

Sponsored content is a great way to gain backlinks for your link building campaigns. Whether you’re a brand name, business, or affiliate, you can gain great quality backlinks through this method, if you’re willing to pay the price.

Sponsored content is content which is written on behalf of your brand or business by an agency or blogger. This type of content is generally paid content and will feature the words ‘Sponsored Content’, ‘Sponsored By’ and ‘Brought to you by’. Businesses usually use this for reviews, backlinks or to showcase products.

Let’s take a closer look into sponsored content to see if it’s right for you.

Pros & Cons

What Are The Pros and Cons Of Sponsored Content?

Pros Of Sponsored Content


Can Lead To More Sales Via Referral Traffic

There’s a few pros and cons of Sponsored Content which should be considered. These include, but aren’t limited to:

Sponsored content can lead to more sales for businesses when seen on a website. When content featuring your backlink, product, services, or review is uploaded by a blogger, you have the potential to gain more sales through referral traffic.


Can Be More Relevant

Because you’re paying for the sponsored content, you have the ability to have something written on your behalf that is highly relevant to what your company or business is about. This is great if you’re looking to target more potential customers in your target audience or a wider audience.


Consumers Trust Sponsored Content Over Normal Ads

Blog influencers are trusted in their community of followers. When they blog about you or something you have on offer, those followers will tend to trust the bloggers opinion over normal ads. This can work in your favour, especially when you want to gain referral traffic.

Cons Of Sponsored Content


Time Consuming

Just like guest posts and blogger outreach, searching for the right influencers who want to work with you can be time consuming. Not all blogger influencers will want to work with you and others have high expectations on what they want in return for showcasing you on their site.


Sponsored content is paid content and depending on who you’re working with it can be extremely costly overall. Some blogger influencers can charge anywhere between $100 - $1000 to write about your business. Depending on your overall needs and budget, this option may not be as profitable for you in the long term.

What Does Google Think About Sponsored Content?

Google is cracking down on sponsored content by bringing in some guidelines. While Google isn’t against it, they do require this criteria below to be met when creating sponsored content:

  • The content needs to be unique and offer value for the readers.
  • The links added in the blog are to be marked as ‘no-follow’ links.
  • Content needs to be marked as ‘Sponsored Content’.

If you meet with this criteria, you won’t have any problems with your sponsored content.

Google Search
Google Rules

Is Sponsored Content Right For Your Backlink Campaign?

Sponsored content is right for your campaign if you:

  • Are willing to place your links as nofollow backlinks.
  • Are willing to have the words ‘Sponsored Content’, Brought to you by’, or ‘Sponsored by’ added to the article.
  • You’re a business looking to gain more exposure for your business without having to write the content yourself.
  • Are willing to have a more diverse link building profile with no-follow links.
Sponsored Content

Is Sponsored Content A Good Option For
Your Campaign?


Who Can Use Sponsored Content?

Sponsored content isn’t for everyone but is ideal for:

  • Businesses and brands who are looking to boost their reputation and gain exposure.
  • Affiliates who want to gain reviews on products their trying to sell.
  • Marketing agencies who may want to gain sponsored content for their clients.

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