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At No BS Marketplace we understand the power sponsored content can offer clients no matter what industry you’re in. We’re proud to be able to offer our sponsored content services which can cater to this ever increasing demand in the industry.

We know sponsored content isn’t for everyone. However if you want to increase your brand exposure, gain great referral traffic, or want to showcase yourself as an industry leader, this is the right service for you.

Whether you’re a brand name, business, or agency looking to really gain some traction in your industry, our sponsored content service can take you from ordinary to extraordinary. Experience what our other clients are already experiencing with the No BS difference.

Why Us

Why Choose Our Sponsored Content Service?

At No BS Marketplace we do things differently and we’re proud of that. When working with us, you’ll gain:

Wide Connections
Control Over Placements

Have control over the placements you choose from the selection of publishers we give you.

Content Relevancy

We write professional high quality content which is relevant to the subject you want to talk about.

Access To Authority Publishers

Gain access to authority publishers who want to work with you and who want to publish your content.


More power, more choices, higher quality. It’s in your control.



Find Out Why the Worlds Leading SEO Experts are Using Our Platform for their Campaigns.

How It Works

Want to see how it all works?


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Work Process

How Does It Work?

At No BS we want to make your order process a simple one. Here’s how it works:

  • 01
    Choose and Approve Publishers - Choose and approve your placement from thousands of publishers who want to post sponsored content on their website.
  • 02
    Customise Your Placement - Customise your links, anchors, word count and more to make your placement match your campaign.
  • 03
    Have Professional Content Written - Our team of professional content writers will work hard on creating powerful, quality and informative content.
  • 04
    Get A Great Link - Get a great live link that gives you that professional edge in the industry.

Sponsored content your way!


Ball Park Prices

MetricsBroker FeePublishing FeeTotal Cost
1000+ traffic
$79 $110 $105 €70 £60
  • Find and present relevant publishers that meet your requirements.
  • 750 words of unique content with stock images.
  • Guaranteed dofollow link with chosen anchors to your website.
2000+ traffic
5000+ traffic

Use A Sponsored Content Service That Works

Sponsored content is powerful and shouldn’t be ignored. Let us show you how powerful it can be with our sponsored content service. Whether you’re an agency, brand, or want to gain more exposure, why not try our service today and experience the No BS difference. Each time you use our sponsored content service:

  • You’ll have quality content written relevant to your brand.
  • Gain exposure to authority influencers in your industry niche.
  • Gain control and customise your content the way you want it to be.
  • Manage your budget better by approving publishers in your price range.
  • Have the support you need within 24 hours.

Sponsored content made just for your brand. What more could you want? Order your sponsored content today and see how effective it can be. Order Now!


Frequently Asked Questions

Just like all businesses we need to make money. This is why we charge a broker fee to write the content and maintain our database of publishers.

We’re not like other link building agencies or blogger outreach companies. We’re a marketplace which allows you to connect to publishers and we don’t charge a higher broker fee just because the publisher has better metrics.

We use a mix of pre-existing relationships and custom outreach. We do this based on what the requirements of the order and target website are.

For example, an order of 20 or more for one website will have a mix of pre-existing sites and custom outreach. An order of 2 placements would be just pre-existing relationships.

All links we place don’t have a footprint. This means we aim for 100% contextual links for all placements.

Yes, all of our placements include content. We have a team of 50+ content writers who only work for No BS. We also have an editorial team on top of this.

All content writers and editors are HubSpot certified and we follow the HubSpot philosophy for all of the content that we write.

We’re very different from other blogger outreach companies. We don’t charge based on DA. The minimum DA is 20+ as we need a base to work from.

Most sites are normally DA30+ but we don’t charge more because of it. We have 100s of sites which are DA50+. The publisher might charge more and we pass this on but we don’t charge more because its the same cost to us.

As a marketplace, we care more about traffic a site gets than DA. As you can’t fake rankings and traffic as a metric.

Yes, we offer discounts for orders over $5,000 USD per month. Otherwise, we just charge a broker fee of $79 USD plus the publisher fees.

It can take between 2-4 weeks to finish an order. No matter the size.

No, we have no minimum order requirements.

Yes, before we even start working on your content you’ll have to review the publishers and approve them.

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