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Forget unnatural backlinks; enhance your search engine rankings and authority with relevant links.

Premium contextual links

These days, many business owners and SEO’ers understand the importance of acquiring links to improve their website’s search engine rankings and topical authority. Links signal to Google and other search engines that your site is a legitimate source of information, trusted by others. But few people understand the nuances of link building.

As with all forms of SEO, there are black and white-hat strategies for link building. Some people become so fixated on acquiring a certain number of backlinks, that they don’t care how they’re obtained. They pay brokers for access to lists and entrust their off-page SEO strategy to strangers. This is, of course, a terrible idea. Often these third parties promise the world and deliver nothing but low-quality links on websites built for the sole purpose of selling links. Google and other search engines can spot these black-hat practices from a mile away; by using them, you’re jeopardising your entire site’s authority and risking the loss of all your rankings.

So, how do you get high-quality, natural links?

Well, our tried-and-tested formula for link building prioritises contextual linking within quality guest posts. It’s simple, scalable and affordable. No more links thrown into irrelevant articles; NO-BS Marketplace offers premium content with relevant links.

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What sets us apart?

Not only can NO-BS clients access suggested publisher domains and their metrics prior to purchase, but we offer premium link placements, too.

  • Contextual link insertion
    Natural contextual links inserted in the body copy of the content – not simply tucked into an author bio.
  • Quality content
    Bespoke content to suit your niche.
  • Order customisation
    Select the keywords, anchors and links you want featured in your articles.
  • Relevant publishers
    Choose from real, relevant publishers within your niche.

Build white-hat links easier than ever before

The NO-BS platform is a link-building marketplace and management tool, all rolled into one. Our custom-built web app allows you to create projects, type in your target URLs and anchor text, track the progress of your link placements and access white-label reports. We've taken an intuitive approach to outreach, allowing users to peruse the URLs and metrics of relevant blogs within their niche, hand-selected by our outreach team for each project.

We even offer a self-service option if you'd prefer to manage the entire backlink acquisition process yourself. This functionality enables you to examine 16 data points – from organic traffic to trust flow – and a brief summary of each website in our publishing network. If you're unhappy with the publisher you've picked, you'll have the opportunity to reject it and select another, post-purchase.

Ideal for both in-house teams and agencies, our platform allows you to collaborate with your team and share guest post projects with your clients. Some key management features are:

  • Control which projects are accessible by different users.
  • Manage multiple companies.
  • Move projects between companies.
  • Delete, edit and archive projects.

Avoid a digital footprint with NO-BS Marketplace

Nothing will undo the power of your hard-earned links faster than a digital footprint. This term refers to the act of building links back to your website in a way that search engines recognise as unnatural.

There are many ways to inadvertently create a link footprint. The most common are:

  • Building too many links, too quickly.
  • Acquiring dozens of backlinks from publishers with identical metrics.
  • Using the same branded anchor for every link placement.
  • Having all of your links placed the same way (i.e. in an author bio)
  • Buying expensive links from DA60+ websites when you’re a brand-new business.

What happens when Google realises you’ve been up to no good? Well, expect hefty site penalties and say goodbye to your search engine rankings. With NO-BS Marketplace, you can customise every aspect of your project, from the type of placement to the way in which the link is inserted. This allows you to retain control of your link-building strategy in the long term and greatly reduces your risk of penalty.

How do contextual links work?

Here at NO-BS marketplace, we’re committed to maintaining transparency. Here’s how the contextual link insertion process works:

  • 1

    Set up your project for free – Create an account, then build your project inside our platform.

  • 2

    Choose your publishers – Review our list of suggested sites, based on your project brief and select the ones that suit.

  • 3

    Personalise your order – Customise each placement to create your unique backlink. Specify links, anchors and any other order details you’d like our content team to include. This is where you can opt for contextual link insertion, or alternatively, pick either image or editorial links.

  • 4

    Get your live link – Receive your guest post link and reap the powerful search engine benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

To many, 'guest posting' implies more than simply contributing a blog to another website. The term carries a reputation of poor-quality content and black-hat link insertion tactics – a reputation which doesn't correlate with our premium offering. While our most popular service includes client links embedded into guest posts, our methods are distinct from other competitors.

Our low-risk method of link acquisition involves the creation of unique, quality content on topics relevant to the target business, with a contextual link is earned back to their site in the process. Yes, you may pay for the privilege, but it’s no different to display advertising. By writing on topics about which you’re knowledgeable and being credited as the reputable source, you're adding value to both the publisher’s site and to readers.

This process is all about quality over quantity. A handful of transparently obtained contextual links inserted in well-written content will be far more effective to your off-page strategy than hundreds of black-hat backlinks. Ultimately, if you’re earning links in relevant and informative content, there’s no way for search engine algorithms to tell whether you’ve paid for them or not. And why should they care? You’ve worked hard to earn them!

Contextual links are inserted into the body copy of an article. They’re hyperlinked to a natural-sounding anchor, so they don’t appear promotional or stand out. Most importantly, the content in which the contextual link is placed is always informative and relevant. This means both the content and the link itself add value to readers; it’s not simply thrown together for the sake of a backlink.

We do! We are firm believers that a natural backlink profile includes all sorts of links on all sorts of domains. So, in addition to contextual link placements, we offer image links and editorial links. Learn more about each of these services here, or book a demo today to chat with one of our account managers.

Absolutely. Those executing a solid off-page SEO strategy or with basic knowledge of the process are welcome to provide us with anchors and our expert team will insert them seamlessly into the relevant content.

If you're new to link building, you may prefer to leave the anchor selection process up to us. Simply provide our team with your target URL and our writing team will choose a natural anchor to insert into the piece.