Why Choose NO-BS

Link Building for Agencies

Finally, a link building strategy you can share with your clients.

Our business started as a Digital Agency and evolved into what you see now, so we get it… clients want results, clients want to know what you do each month, clients want to pay you less. We can help solve many of the issues that face your agency. We provide 100% clean white hat, transparent link building that gets results and keeps your clients & Google happy.

You all have your own formula for delivering results and making a profit, so why not make life easier for yourself by working with us? Could you do what we do? Maybe, but do you want to? And we can guarantee that you won’t be able to do it for a lower cost.

Simple Pricing

DR10+/DA20+ USD $99 Each + Optional Website Fees 

  • 500-750 words of content

  • 2 link to chosen website

  • Always do follow link

  • Lead Time 3-4 Weeks
  • Be Able To Review Websites First

  • Guaranteed Traffic As Per Ahrefs

  • Always within the specific industry

  • Always index on Google

  • No PBNs or guest blog farms

  • Topic-specific Niche

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The No BS Process

What Makes Us Different

At No BS we’re proud to provide a unique guest posting service.

Here’s a guide on the key features of what makes us different.

Simple Pricing

DR10+/DA20+ USD $99+ Each + Optional Website Fees 

  • 700 words of content

  • 1 link to chosen website

  • Always do follow link

  • Lead Time 4-5 Weeks

  • Guaranteed to have traffic as per Ahrefs or SEMrush

  • Always within the specific industry

  • Always index on Google

  • No PBNs or guest blog farms

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Feature # 1

Review & Approve Websites

That’s right, we let you review and look at the website before we even write the content for the placement. We don’t believe in taking risks with our own link building. That’s why we don’t think our customers have to take risks when buying links for themselves or for clients.

Feature # 2


We can scale to any order, big or small. If you have a small order of 5 or a large order of 50+ we can accommodate to your needs.

Feature # 3

Free Dashboard

You’ll gain access to your free dashboard inside out app. Here you’ll see all your campaigns and an overview of where each one is at per placement.

Feature # 4

Link/Anchor/Keyword Control

You’ll have control over which links, anchors and keywords you can add to a placement. Upon approval of a website you can bind these key elements ready for our team. More control for clients.

Why We Do

What We Do

At No BS we do what we do because we understand that finding a blogger outreach company that doesn’t deliver PBNs is hard to find. From years of experience working with a background in an SEO agency, we understand the frustrations of getting poor quality links that not only can harm your website but your bottom line as well.

This is where No BS was born, on the concept to deliver high-quality backlinks while giving clients the opportunity to have more control over what they’re given.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I review websites?2018-07-26T07:50:40+00:00

Yes, before we even start working on your content you will have to review the website and approve it.

Is there a Minimum Order?2018-07-26T07:51:28+00:00

No, we have no minimum order requirements.

How long does it take?2018-07-26T07:52:25+00:00

It can take between 4-5 weeks to finish an order.

Do you offer discounts?2018-07-26T07:53:54+00:00

No, we do not offer discounts. We have a flat rate of $99 USD per placement.

Why only DA20+?2018-09-14T07:01:53+00:00

We are very different from other blogger outreach companies. We do not charge based on DA. The minimum DA is 20+ as we need a base to work from.

Most sites are normally DA30+ but we don’t charge more because of it. The website might charge more and we pass this on but we do not charge more because its the same cost to us.

As an agency, we care more about traffic a site gets than DA. As you can not fake rankings and traffic as a metric.

Does $99 include content?2018-09-14T07:04:21+00:00

Yes, all of our placements include content. We have a team of 20+ content writers who only work for NO BS. We also have an editor team on top of this.

All content writers and editor are Hubspot certified and we follower Hubspot philosophy for all content we write.

How Long do you Guarantee Links?2018-09-14T07:05:10+00:00

We guarantee links for 6 months but 90% of the links we made 5 years ago are still live.

We follow Hubspot’s philosophy on content marketing for the blogs we write for other sites. This ensures sites keep our links and content live for years to come.

Are they contextual links?2018-09-14T07:06:15+00:00

All links we place do not have a footprint. This means we aim for 100% contextual links for all placements.

Do you run a list?2018-09-14T09:17:28+00:00

We use a mix of pre-existing relationships and custom outreach. We do this based on what the requirements of the order and target website are.

For example, an order of 20 or more for one website will have a mix of pre-existing sites and custom outreach. An order of 2 placements would be just pre-existing relationships.