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Setup Process

We believe in keeping everything 100% transparent for you and your client (if you have one). For this reason, we use a simple tool called Basecamp to project manage and measure the deliverables. Upon introduction into basecamp, we need you to sort out 4 key ingredients to ensure success of the campaign and gain high trust flow backlinks. These are:


Setting Up An Email

We need to setup an email to use for reaching out to websites for placement. Ideally, you’ll supply us with an email address using the domain we’re working on. If not possible, we’ll setup a unique email and share the logins with you.


Creating A Bio

The person doing outreach needs a name, face and story. This might be the business owner or a fictitious person that you have in mind. Otherwise we can create one for you.


Choosing Your Niche

We offer placements based on niche or location. Please choose a niche that is closest to your industry as possible. If you would like location based websites please inform us the location.


Choosing Links/Anchors

Here you’ll have a chance to let us know the link you want us to use as a backlink and the anchor text.



Armed with all the valuable information from the setup process, our dedicated team of prospectors kick-off a combination of mad skills, experience and some really nifty tools to find hundreds (maybe thousands) of potential websites that we might want to approach on your behalf for high trust flow link building.

We screen all these websites to ensure they’re genuine (not pbn) and have the right amount of authority before it’s handed over to the high trust flow outreach services team.



Using our list of newly qualified websites that are perfect for your niche, we send out waves of crafty emails to spark the interest of possible placement websites and to build a relationship based on trust on your behalf. During this stage, we offer to write kick-ass valuable content these websites would be proud to share with their readers. Once we have a topic and your dofollow link approved, we’ll share with you the websites that have responded and would like us (you) to write content for them. On occasions, we may get more placements above the necessary order amount. If this is the case, we’ll let you know and give you time to decide whether you want to take them or not.



Once the topic is approved with the website and we upload it to basecamp for you to see, it’s then passed onto our content writers. We have a team of amazing content writers, all based in AUS or USA. All our writers specialise in a particular niche so we can ensure the highest quality of contextual content for all clients.

This content is then reviewed by our editor and sent off for approval to the website after sharing it with you. If all goes well, the content will be approved and the post will go live the following week. However due to the fact we do outreach to real websites and people, some delays do occur from time to time.


That’s It Folks

As you can see, there’s a lot of steps, a lot of people and a lot of hard work to ensure we can deliver top results that will not only get you results, but ensure there’s no risk. If you’re doing this for your clients, you can share all information we upload in Basecamp with them, without them even knowing it’s us doing the work.

We believe in being 100% transparent and even though we don’t share details of all our happy customers, you can check out some recent reviews on Black Hat World where you can see everyone raving about our excellent, top notch service.

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Here's my honest review about this service. Note that it was a review copy. First, I have to say I'm very impressed at the level of quality here. There's no rush in customer support, service, or anything, so you can ensure that the guest post you are receiving is true and to the point. Also, they guide you through everything and even hook you up with your own personal manager, so that if you have any needs or questions, they will take care of it for you. The process was extremely simple. I gave them my website and bio. Then they asked a few questions about my site and said they'll be contacting site admins now. After a week or so, I received another note saying that they found someone willing to add a guest post and when I checked out the site, it was in my niche and had decent metrics, perfect for a guest post. After approval, they wrote an article, sent it to me for approval, sent it to the site author and got it published, with the anchors and everything I wanted. If you truly want a "no-bs" Guest Post service, then this one is it. Highly recommend for its price.
I wanted to leave a review of this service because I'm so impressed with behest these guys deliver. I have tried a great many different "guest post" services and also spent thousands of dollars on so-called "blog outreach". Most of the time the results are mediocre or downright criminal (had 1 service post to a free platform & claim it was a guest post for $120). Not do with these guys! Never before have I seen such professionalism and expertise as I have with this service. I am literally blown away! I got: * Top notch REAL websites with great metrics. * Websites have REAL traffic. * Articles are 100% - not just hand written & grammatically correct but genuinely interesting to read. * The customer support is second to none. * 1 of my guest posts was on a website that redirected their entire site to a new domain. I didn't even notice but Sara, who handled my outreach, contacted me and arranged for a new guest post. If you use guest posting or want to start using it then this is by far the best service available anywhere. In fact in my opinion it’s the only honest Guest Post service I have come across.
These guys delivered amazing results and I will be throwing money at them for a long time to come. Great value and they delivered guest posts on some *very* reputable, niche-specific websites with the requested TLD. Communication was well managed. It was not like throwing hope into a black box - you get your own project page for tracking and communications - and your account manager gives you timely status updates. This is by far the most well run, highest quality & the *safest* link building service I have seen for a long time.