You're welcome to reject a website only if it's for a valid reason. E.g; If it's a PBN site we'll replace the placement. We are very fair on this but at the same time you can't reject it based on DA. Unless it's under DA 20.

Sadly, as this is real outreach we can't allow this. As we don't know which websites we'll outreach to until we start Prospecting.

No. You do not have to supply an email address. We find emails from the website can have a better conversion but not all the time. We run email servers from non-brand domains which we can use on your behalf.

Yes, as it takes a lot for us to set up a campaign. We do ask for a minimum order of two placements per URL.

As we deal with real websites, this will always change. What we aim for is within four weeks of orders placed and paid for we know the target site. Within six weeks all content is finished and sent to the site. Then it's up to the sites. We will keep contacting them until it goes live. If it's not live within eight weeks from when we send content, we will replace it with another site.

Yes, our rules are simple. If you're in the top 10% of our clients or order 50 or more placements at once we can give you a custom price.

Yes 100%. The only thing we don't do is guns, drugs or porn sites which are against the law.

No. Let's all be honest, website owners are assholes. As we deal with real websites, best to give us useable anchors. Naked or business name URLs help the most.

Yes, but 80% of the time it will be in the bio. Remember website owners are assholes and they know what we're trying to do. So best to take something than nothing at all.

Yes, what's the point of doing all of this if it's not a do follow link.

We can not guarantee the placement for life as we do not own or control the website we are posting on. In saying that we have done this for 4 years now and 80% of placements from the first year are live. We will Guarantee three months after the placement goes live.

Yes, for sure. We show samples of our website only, as we never give out our client's information to other people. I'm sure you won't want us giving your sites out to other people once you become a client.

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