How many of your customers call you simply because they found your information on the web? Do you know? Do you think knowing where your customers come from can help you sell more, bring in more clients and help you offer more relevant information to people that take an interest in your services or products?

Sure you can put a contact us form in, and add email addresses all you want…but still…. a lot of people prefer to pick up the phone once they get the information they want off the web.

So how do you know if these calls come from your web marketing efforts?

We at Studio 56 use a new cutting edge tool that allows for Call Tracking. Recent studies show that more than 50% of all search engine marketers don´t use any type of tool to track phone calls that come from PPC, or SEO campaign efforts, and that is just one of the differences between your choosing Studio 56 and other digital marketing firms.

We use a number of methods to track call conversions. This includes using Google call extensions; call tracking and 3rd party call tracking.

Google Call Extensions

By using this feature we can track clicks to a call button placed on any Adwords ads we use. Why is this Important? Well, because studies show that calls coming from mobile ad campaigns can increase conversions by as much as 8%. But we all know that each business is different, so you want to keep track of the stats to see what works for yours.

Google Call Tracking

This features allows you to track calls made from Google call extensions, and better yet, shows you which keywords were used to find your site at the moment the call is made. At Studio 56 we can add this tracking to your website and then add a free 1800 number offered by Google.

Party Call Tracking

We place code on your website that changes the telephone number displayed based on the users location and travel path. For example, a different number is offered to traffic that comes from organic users vs. those that come from a Google AdWords campaign.

The benefit lies in being able to track calls to see which campaign is working best for you. By implementing this on your website, we can track the location, number and best marketing channel for each user.

Bottom Line

Google stats suggest that more than 70% of mobile users call a business directly after finding them in the search results. Yet, so few businesses track these calls that they don´t realise they come from mobile web searches. Implement these 3 Google tools to track your user location so you can make further keyword, content and marketing choices that result in more sales.

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