Have you implemented social media for your business yet?

You probably know by now that social media is virtually a mandatory need. The benefits are just too many to ignore these platforms as a perfect way of engaging with your customers. Social media offers a perfect way to engage, offer customer service, increase brand awareness and build leads and a customer base.

Outreach Services

Most business owners have successfully expanded their businesses by taking advantage of outreach services which indicates the importance of social media marketing.So if you aren’t using social media yet, you are probably hurting your marketing strategy.

Which Social Media Platform to Choose?

There are hundreds of social media platforms available. So the question arises; which social media platforms should I dedicate my time to?

This is a hard question to answer because even when you scale down social media to the most popular platforms, you are still left with a dozen or more to work with. Large corporations may have dedicated marketing teams to help target all of these social platforms, but at the small business, you may not have the resources to upkeep more than a couple different social media channels.

At this point, you’ll have to pick the social platforms that best benefit your business – which should you use?

Your choice should depend on the six aspects, but even then, the type of business you run will also be an influencing factor.

  1. Users

Analyze the popularity of the social network platform you’re thinking of using. The higher the number of users, the more popular the social network platform and the more potential you have of getting your brand exposed to a large audience. In other words, the number of users and social media network has amounted to the potential ad coverage you might obtain. While this is important, you also need to analyze whether the audience on your chosen social platform aligns with the target audience you want for your service or business.

In addition to analyzing the number of users that a platform has, you’ll also want to consider the frequency with which the users participate on the site. For instance, a social network with 10 million users, but one where the uses participate only a few times a week, probably isn’t as effective as the social network with 5 million users where they all participate daily.

  1. Audience Demographics

Besides ensuring that a social network has a lot of users, you want to make sure that the users are within your service or products demographics. In other words, that there are enough people within the age group; with the gender and economic standing that you need for your customers. The demographics you need for your customers to align with users on the social media network you considering using.

To understand these requirements, you really must figure out who your consumer is, even before you decide on social media platform.

  1. Content

Again, not all social media platforms are the same. They all specialize in certain type of content. For example, Twitter only uses a small sentence or two; Instagram and Pinterest are about images; LinkedIn is a business and business related information. The type of specialty of the social media site will affect the positive outcome it may have on your brand.

So, for example if you run a website that sells graphic T-shirts, then Instagram may be a great choice. However, if you specialty is accounting software, you may want to lean towards LinkedIn instead.

You also need to think about the content you actually have on your website and that you create for your target audiences. If you write in a casual tone, or have videos that are informal, then Facebook is a good place to connect readers. However if your content is more in-depth and business-like then Google Plus or LinkedIn may be the even better option.

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