Internet marketing has changed quite a bit in recent years, but nothing has changed quite as much as link building.

Link exchanges and spamming have been replaced with white-hat strategies that provide more benefits. The changes make it difficult for marketers to know what works and what doesn’t. Check out five strategies that still work in 2018. Incorporate each strategy into your link building plan so you can enjoy the best results.


Write About Influencers

Have you ever noticed that lots of bloggers write about influencers? This is actually a calculated link building move. The blogger writes a quality post about an influencer in the hopes that the person will like it and share it. If that happens, the post spreads like wildfire and the blogger gets tons of links. Many of the links are extremely high quality and help the blogger transform into an authority.

Quality is key with this strategy. The post has to be of the highest quality or the influencer won’t share it. Also, make sure you tag the influencer on social media so he or she sees it. People can’t share what they don’t see.



experts share

Engage in Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is easily one of the most powerful link building strategies for 2018. It doesn’t just drive more traffic to your website or blog. It also helps you look like an expert in your field and allows you to get some high-quality links in the process.

There’s a trick to this, though. You have to post on high-quality sites or you won’t get high-quality links. If a site doesn’t have any authority, the link won’t really help you.

Neil Patel is possibly the most prolific guest blogger around right now, and you can learn quite a bit by looking at how he approaches guest blogging. He is the co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar, and KISSmetrics, and he includes links to each of those sites in his author bio. That means he gets three links every time he posts on a guest blog.

He is also very picky about where he guest posts. You can see his writing on Entrepreneur, HubSpot, and other top publications. That allows him to get lots of high-quality links pointing to his various websites.

This link building strategy obviously works, as he is one of the most well-respected internet marketing experts in the world. His sites are often among the first to come up in search results, and people turn to him for information and advice.

You might not be able to start guest blogging on HubSpot out of the box, but you can work your way up. Use Patel’s method as a guide as you move forward with this link building strategy.



Create Infographics

People are visual animals, and the more visual the content is, the more likely they are to share it. As you know, when your content receives a lot of shares, you get a lot of links. That makes infographics the perfect link bait. In fact, people are three times more likely to like and share infographics on social media than any other type of content.

People don’t just share infographics on social media. They also use them for their own posts. They might use the entire infographic or just a piece of it. Either way, you’ll get yet another link.



Quality Link Building That Works In 2018 2

Write Amazing Content

Content is just as important in 2018 as it was in 2017. You need a blog full of outstanding content to build links. If you write expert pieces for your blog, others in the industry will link to your posts. Each link will get you closer and closer to authority status. It won’t be long before people start asking you if they can guest post on your blog. After all, people like to post on high-quality blogs.



Take Part in Broken Link Building

This tried and true method has been around for a long time, and it still works in 2018. You need to use a tool like LinkMiner to find broken links on websites. Start by looking for pages with tons of outbound links. If the website is an authority in your niche, use the tool to see if any of the links are broken.

If you find a broken link, email the site owner. Point out the broken link, and pitch some of your own content as a replacement. It should fit in with the blog’s theme, and if possible, it should be about the same topic as the broken link. Site owners know broken links are bad for business, so many will take you up on your offer. That’s a quick and easy way to get a link from a high-quality website.


Take Away

Link building is one of the most powerful tools in a marketing arsenal. While it changes from year to year, it’s not going away anytime soon. In fact, as long as there is an internet to use, there will be links. Use these strategies to ensure your link building campaign gets results in 2018 and beyond. The right strategy will provide you with benefits for years and years.




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