Guidelines And Guest Posting: Why It’s Important to Follow A Website’s Guidelines 1
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Guidelines And Guest Posting: Why It’s Important to Follow A Website’s Guidelines

You have an amazing idea for a guest blog post, and you’re ready to dive in.


You know it will be perfect for a specific blog, and you’re excited to finally get a chance to write for that blog. It ranks high on the domain authority scale, and people trust it. In fact, you’re so excited that you’re going to write it the post right now, without further ado.

Pump the brakes for a second. You need to check the site’s guidelines before you go any farther, and then you need to follow those guidelines to the letter.

Check out some reasons why following the guidelines is one of the most important things you’ll do as a guest blogger.


Discover Fresh Topics

Popular, authoritative blogs get lots of guest posts. Popular blogs also have regular contributors, so large numbers of blog posts come in on a weekly basis. This means lots of topics are covered. Blog moderators typically encourage guest bloggers to use search bars to search for their topic of choice. If the topic has already been covered, they need to come up with something else.

The exception to the rule would be if you have a fresh take on an old topic. Maybe you have a new idea of how to optimize Adwords or a fresh idea about using Twitter. If that’s the case, you might be able to still write about the topic if you explain why it’s unique it in the pitch. That’s not always a given, though. Some blogs specifically state they don’t want another post about email marketing, AdWords, or something else. If you write about one of those topics, you’ll waste your time, and you’ll have to go back to the drawing board. Save time by checking the guidelines before you begin.


Guidelines And Guest Posting: Why It’s Important to Follow A Website’s Guidelines 2

Use the Blog’s Voice

Each blog has its own voice, and as a guest blogger, it’s important that you match that voice. Most blogs include information about matching the voice in the guidelines. Failure to comply means you will miss the mark badly when it comes to your guest posting gig.

For instance, assume that all a blog’s posts are casual and fun. You write something that sounds like a dissertation. The blog’s editors will give it one look and toss it to the side. All your hard work will be for nothing.  You have to match the voice, or your post won’t make it on the blog. That means you won’t get that link you’re craving.


See the Keys to Success

Blog moderators want you to succeed. That’s why they typically outline the keys to success right there on the guidelines.

No blog does this better than HubSpot. This blog outlines the types of blogs that work best on the site, along with examples of those blogs. If you take the time to follow the guidelines, you will construct a blog post that will get a lot of traffic on the site. That traffic will result in clicks to your own site, where you can benefit from an influx of new readers or customers.


Find Out What You Can Promote

Guest posting is a form of promotion. You’re writing for a blog, so you can promote yourself, but you usually have to do this in a sneaky way. You usually can’t put links or talk about your site in the body of the post. Instead, you will include an author bio with a link. This will all be outlined in the guidelines, and if you fail to follow those guidelines, your post won’t be published.
Guidelines And Guest Posting: Why It’s Important to Follow A Website’s Guidelines 3

Some sites also outline other types of promotions other than getting a link building service.

For instance, you might explain a problem and solution in your blog post, and you’ll want to cite examples. Some blogs only allow you to mention certain companies when doing this.

Shopify provides an example of this. The site prefers that bloggers cite merchants that use Shopify when providing examples. That means you’ll need to construct your blog around one of the 500,000 merchants using the service if you guest blog for the site.

It’s no secret that guest blogging is one of the best ways to build high-quality links and trust with internet users. You can jumpstart your website and get more exposure with a guest blogging quality link building gig, but you have to follow the rules. The rules are put in place to help you succeed, so they’re an essential part of the guest blogging process. Are you ready to write a new blog for an interested website?