Google Confirms Roll Out Of New Desktop User Interface 1
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Google Confirms Roll Out Of New Desktop User Interface

Google has confirmed that they’ve started rolling out the new desktop user interface design that is said to be much easier to use and has a much more appealing appearance. The new design will give desktop users a new appearance when searching for results which is similar to that of what mobile users see.

What Are The Notable Changes?
One of the notable changes of the new desktop user interface includes the top bar changes. The top bar that features settings and search tools has changed. The gear icon that once accessed settings is now missing and has been changed to ‘settings’. This has been aligned with the tool option as seen below.

Paint Google Search

Another change is the appearance. You’ll notice that it feels more enclosed than the older version. You’ll also find that when searching for particular businesses, your search results will show up a side box that features a more professional layout with no ads attached down the side like you would normally see with the older version.

Google Search Snapshot

These new changes are said to make navigation and search a lot easier for desktop users. The new layout also offers an appealing, professional, and sleek finish that isn’t frustratingly cluttered with ads. With more changes that are set to come in the future, it will be interesting to see what Google has in store for us next. Have you seen the new user interface changes yet?