There’s a belief that websites only benefit from dofollow links. Dofollow link building are like votes that are passed on to search engines. These links let search engines know the website has its seal of approval, so the links actually help the linked website improve its domain authority score. Nofollow links block the credit, meaning the site doesn’t endorse the linked site. In other words, nofollow links don’t improve your site’s domain authority.

The lack of credit is why website and blog owners cringe every time they get a nofollow link. That’s a mistake, though. Nofollow links might not give your site credit to use to increase your domain authority, but in many ways, these links are just as powerful as dofollow links.

Look at how both types of links can help your website or blog. Then, you’ll understand why you need to add some nofollow links into your link building strategy.

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All Quality Links Build Awareness

Domain authority isn’t the only goal when acquiring links. You also want to build awareness for your blog, site, brand, and products.

Links don’t have to provide search engine credit to build awareness. They simply have to be visible to help build awareness. That means as long as the link is on the right page, it will help your company build awareness online.

Twitter provides the perfect example of this. Twitter links are nofollow, meaning you can have hundreds of links on the microblogging site, but they won’t help you increase your domain authority score. However, think about what happens when you have links on Twitter.

Those links get out in front of potential readers or customers. People click on the links and check your site out. They might even bookmark the page to come back again. Your domain authority score didn’t go up, but you received something better. You received a new reader or customer.

The same is true for dofollow links. These links do more than helpdomain authority your domain authority. They also build awareness.

To put it simply, all links are good, as long as they come from reputable sites and fit in your niche. If they meet that criteria, they’ll help you build awareness online.

Links Lead to More Links

There’s a reason that some sites have tons of links. These sites engage in link building, and links lead to more links. The follow status of the link is irrelevant to this process.

In a blog post for Moz, Joshua Unseth wrote about his own experience with this. He had a nofollow link to an article on his site. The article wasn’t very popular and hadn’t garnered much attention. Suddenly, he noticed that he had built up tons of links. After doing some research, he discovered it all began with a nofollow link. It wasn’t long before someone posted a dofollow link, and other links followed.

Think of links as fire. The first link is a spark, and if that spark catches, it creates more sparks. Over time, the link building campaign can turn into a huge wildfire.

A Mixture of Links Is Natural – Dofollow Link Building

Google constantly changes its algorithms, and there’s a reason to believe yet another change is on the horizon. Neil Patel predicts that manipulative link building will lose power in the coming years. That does not mean links will lose power. It means how search engines and people view them will change.

Instead of counting up dofollow links, search engines might begin looking for natural link building strategies instead of just doing dofollow link building. Websites that have a nice balance of nofollow and dofollow links will benefit from this.

Companies that get ahead of this curve by starting today will benefit when the change comes. They’ll be in the position to grab a bunch of traffic right at the beginning.

Do-follow and No-follow

It’s a good idea to have around 20 to 30 percent of your links as nofollow links. This looks incredibly natural for everyone out there versus dofollow link building.

It tells everyone that you’re after highest-quality links in the most natural way possible.

You aren’t manipulating the system. Instead, you are going after high-quality links that benefit readers. For years, people have been afraid of nofollow links. They’ve felt as if they’re wasting their time and money on them, but that isn’t the case. While they might not provide an increase in your domain authority score, these links benefit websites in so many other ways. If you are serious about your website or blog, it is imperative that you go after both types of links with our dofollow link building. That strategy will allow you to have success online.


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