Google AdWords is used by many businesses right across the world to boost lead generation. While a great way to bring in more leads, it can be expensive when creating your PPC ads. Because of this it’s important for you to use Google AdWords to your advantage in order to minimize costs while boosting your overall returns. Hiring a Google AdWords management service or PPC advertising services is one of the ways you can help to improve your efforts. Although for those who want to really push their Google AdWords efforts by themselves, this expert guide will give you expert advice on the best practices and techniques to use when using Google AdWords. So what are they?

Google AdWords Hacks You Should Consider

  1. Optimise Your Quality Score

Your AdWords quality score is important for a few different reasons. One is that Google tends to reward higher quality scores with high ad positions and lower CPC. So what is your quality score you ask? In order to really optimize your quality score, you need to know what it is first. To do this you simply follow the following steps:

  • Log into your AdWords account
  • Click on the Campaign tab at the top.
  • Select the Keyword tab.
  • Click on the white speech bubble that’s situated next to the status of your keyword

In doing this you’ll see more information about the quality score of that keyword. From here you’ll see the expected click-through rate, landing page experience, and ad relevance.

In order to boost your quality score, you’ll need to improve on your keyword selection and minimize the use of bad keywords while increasing your bid. Instead try to work on branded keywords and long tail keywords to help boost your average click through rate while increasing your quality score. Incorporating remarketing into your AdWords marketing efforts will also help to increase your quality score because you’ll be targeting people more effectively.

  1. Optimize Your Ads For Mobile Platforms

With so many different searches now being conducted on mobile devices, it’s no secret that your campaigns need to be optimized for mobile viewing. To do this you can complete a few different things which include:

  • Mobile Friendly Landing Pages – By creating mobile friendly landing pages, you’ll not only give your ad visitors a great user experience, but you’ll also PPC advertising servicesincrease your conversion rate as well. To create mobile ad landing pages for your visitors to land on when they click through your ad you need to:
  • Use a responsive website so the page will automatically adjust to the screen-size of your visitor’s device with ease.
  • Create a landing page that mimics your website without any navigation points which may distract your visitors from converting to the end goal.

Add Call Extensions – Call extensions allows for your phone number to be added to your PPC ad campaign. This will help to make it easier for mobile users to call and will also encourage your visitor to make a call which will boost conversions. There are two ways you can use call extensions on your ads and these includes:

Just A Phone Number – The ad will only have a phone number show up when the ad is clicked without the visitor clicking through the site. There are a few reasons why you would choose this option for your AdWords ad. These include:

  • If your website isn’t ready for mobile or is hard to read on a mobile device.
  • If there is a guarantee that someone will answer the phone.
  • If you do most of your business via the telephone.
  • If you provide a valuable reason for the person to call

Both Phone Number And Website Click-Through – This option will allow your visitors to either click through to your website or have your number show up so they can call you. This option is ideal for your ads:

  • If your website is mobile friendly.
  • If you know someone will answer the phone.
  • If you can bring value to your business and customers through your website.
  • If your business is hard to understand and require visitors to have additional information.

Optimize The Ads Themselves – Your ads can be mobile optimized in a few ways which include:

  • Place the most important data at the beginning of the ad to get your visitors attention.
  • Use shorter words and keywords within the text.
  • Use content that’s easy to understand and explains what the ad is about in few words.
  1. Outsmart Your Competition’s Ads

No matter what industry you’re in, you’ll have strong competition when creating ads. However, you can help to outsmart your competition by knowing what keywords Competitionyour competitors are using in their paid and organic listing. A program such as allows you to easily check what ad performance levels your competitors are currently at. When using SpyFu you simply:

  • Place the URL of your competitor into the search box and click on the icon.
  • From here you’ll see your competitions keyword performance along with the estimated monthly PPC clicks etc.
  • Next click on ‘Paid Keywords’ to get an idea of the keywords which are generating the most clicks for your competition. This will give you an idea for your own keyword research and usage in Google AdWords.

Spying and conducting research into your competition’s efforts will allow you to boost your overall campaign efforts more effectively to bring in higher results. This will give you the edge in your industry when using Google AdWords.

Google Adword Stats


In working through these three major tips you have the ability to really boost your Google AdWords marketing efforts greatly. Even just tweaking your campaign slightly and introducing these techniques slowly you have a great chance of overcoming your competitors by being a high authority website and ad producer. If you’re still having problems with your Google AdWords effort, you can also seek help from PPC advertising services and PPC management services in Geelong. These types of PPC campaign services can help greatly when wanting to improve your AdWords efforts.

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