Audience Segmentation and Healthcare: How To Find Your Ideal Client

Aaron Gray | August 21, 2017

audience segmentationThe health care industry encompasses many different professions. With the many different professions in the health care industry, it’s no wonder there’s so many different clients that professionals aim to gain against their competition. If you’re struggling to market appropriately to your ideal audience when you’re working in the healthcare, then this guide will help to teach you how to find your ideal client through audience segmentation. Let’s get started.

What Is Audience Segmentation

In short audience segmentation is the overall process of sorting and dividing people into categories and subgroups based upon a set criterion of behaviours, demographics, psychographics and locations. In segmenting your audience into these groups, you have a higher chance of really improving your marketing efforts to bring in more of the right health care clients for your practice.

How To Segment Your Audience

The process of audience segmentation is relatively simple. You start by establishing your overall main categories. In this case it would be the ones that were suggested above:

  • Demographics
  • Geographic locations
  • Psychographics
  • Behaviours

When the main categories are set out, then it’s time to work out what traits your audience has. Here’s some examples below of what you can include:

Demographic Geographic Locations Psychographic Behaviours
Family Size
Marital Status
Benefits Sought
Stages of Change
Behaviour Duration
Relevant Behaviour
Behaviour Frequency
Behaviour Consistency 

Readiness to Change


When the overall main traits are decided on like the above, you can then begin to work on narrowing down your audience even further by filling in some or all of the traits as seen below:

Demographic Geographic Locations Psychographic Behaviours
0 children


Wants to fall pregnant but having problemsGenerally works out 3 times a weekWants a child before they are 35Wants to know different options for getting pregnant


Recently gave up smoking to help with contraception


Works hard and apart from smoking, lived a healthy lifestyle.


Consistently trying to make themselves better.


Looking into IVF treatment after 4 years of trying to get pregnant



In understanding your audience, as see above, you have a better chance of really improving your marketing plan and strategy to help bring in more clients who need your services but may not know you exist

Measuring The Results Of Your Audience Segmentation

Upon deciding on your ideal client and integrating your newly developed marketing plan, you then need to decide on whether or not the audience segmentation actually worked. Here’s some ways you can determine the outcome of your segmentation.

  1. Bounce Rate

One of the first ways to know if your audience segmentation is working is by the amount of traffic that’s coming to your website. However, if you find you have a lot of new traffic, but you have a high bounce rate, then it’s important to complete an audit of your website because it’s not meeting your target audience’s satisfaction.

In order to reduce your overall bounce rate, it’s important to work out the cause that may be driving people from staying on your website and becoming new clients. Areas to look at include:

  • Does your website show relevant health care services that your ideal client would want? In the example above, IVF treatment, problem pregnancy plans etc.
  • Do you have high quality, relevant and informational content on your overall pages?
  • Is your website attractive to look at, professional and well kept?
  • Is there easy to find navigation points for visitors to help them in their search?

A bounce rate that’s high generally means that your audience isn’t finding what they’re looking for and therefore a site wide audit needs to be addressed.

audience segmentation

  1. Conversion Rate

Your conversion rate is another key area that you need to consider when you’re looking to analyse the results of your target audience segmentation. Key areas to look at include:

  • The amount of traffic that’s completed a sale
  • Each stage of the sales funnel

Ask yourself, has your conversion rate and clients increased from the month prior to segmentation? If your clientele has increased, your segmentation process has worked to some degree. If you find your conversion rate hasn’t risen and you have a high bounce rate as suggested above, the connection has something to do with your website.

One way to help you decide where your visitors may be losing interest is through the help of heat mapping. Heat mapping is like a heat signature that shows where your visitors are looking at or clicking and where there’s no interest. It can help you to see which part of the sales funnel is causing your potential health care clients to stop searching your website and move on. In addressing your website accordingly and using tools like heat mapping and analytics, you can find out if there’s set areas that are causing your clients to abandon your website.

audience segmentation


When it comes to audience segmentation, there’s so much to consider. By taking the time to understand your audience better, you have a higher chance of really boosting your conversion rate and client base for your health care practice. So are you ready to narrow down your target audience?


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