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Just think! Adding the right Internet marketing process adds money to your bottom line… and that gives you the additional marketing funds to implement other techniques that bring you even more revenue.

At Studio 56 we help you make more money so we can too. It’s not always just about getting a better page rank. What’s of more importance is getting relevant traffic that is actually interested in your product or service.

Studio 56 isn’t comprised simply of a team of PPC, SEO & Social experts, we are passionate about everything Creative. We are dedicated to content, Display, and obsessed with good Analytics.

Based in Melbourne

ours is a family owned company with a combined experience of 15 years in the digital marketing world. As a constantly evolving and changing industry, we know how difficult it is to understand and keep up with the trends. That is our job… and our knowledge and collective experience keep us at the forefront of our industry. Ours is a solid reputation with clients precisely because we offer a results oriented service.

We understand that not every business needs the same thing, as most are in different stages of growth in the Internet world. That’s why we only offer the needed service for the particular stage you are at. For some that may very well be backlinking, for others it may be tasks to help audiences convert, and for others that might just be the integration of email marketing or social media.

At studio 56

We focus on the purpose and need of your business - because we know the frustration that comes from not getting the results you want. Truth is, getting thousands of visitors may not be the one and only solution.

We Are Awesome

Completely transparent

We have nothing to hide and neither do you, be confident sharing with your clients the work that we have done on your behalf.


Total confidentiality between you and us. We will never contact your customers and they will never know it was us doing the work


This is the real deal. Genuine content, posted on genuine websites, delivering genuine results for your clients.

Guaranteed DA20+

We only approach websites with a DA30 or above.

We create perfect digital journeys.

The world evolves and the way brands communicate has changed. Social networks and the complexity of Internet connecting devices has also changed. This requires beautiful imagery, written content that flows into the imagery, visual interest and much more – and then we see what works and what doesn’t, all through measurable analysis.

Our years of experience in PPC and digital marketing demonstrate our value. We are committed to helping you make the most of your marketing. We combine insights and expertise to deliver results driven campaigns.

Our purpose in founding Studio 56 on a belief; that of giving customers functional, reliable and results oriented Internet marketing services that combines both beauty, value and content.

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