The Beginning Of An Industry Leader

No BS Marketplace was born from a simple idea to make link building a much more ethical, transparent and affordable process. Co-Founders Aaron and Tristan Gray first developed the idea of No BS after struggling themselves with the frustration of link building for their own agency and using other link building providers that didn’t deliver the results they were after. After years of trials, tests and continuous hits and misses, No BS Marketplace was born and it’s here to stay.

Our Executive Team

Our team spans the globe with over 150 people from all walks of life.

Tristan Gray 1
Tristan Gray Managing Partner
Aaron Gray 2
Aaron Gray Managing Partner
Sara Trotter 3
Sara Trotter Production Director
Bree Johnson 4
Bree Johnson Account Manager
Ricardo Borja 5
Ricardo Borja Chief Technology Officer
Mel Klaassens 6
Mel Klaassens Account Executive
Tahlia Doig 7
Tahlia Doig Account Executive
Jackson Anderson 8
Jackson Anderson Account Manager
Phil Noseda 9
Phil Noseda Account Manager
Will Jasolin 10
Will Jasolin Production Manager
Jun Mendez 11
Jun Mendez Publisher Relations
Chris Iwanowski 12
Chris Iwanowski Financial Controller
Jan Gray 13
Jan Gray Financial Controller

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